Six smaller, but equally powerful chakras are located on each side of the hips, shoulders, and the temples on the sides of the head. The chakras function to empower the soul with energy. These thirteen chakras are essential to life. No one can live without them. Because so much ancient knowledge has been systematically destroyed and much of what remains has been corrupted, most of what is openly available concerning the chakras, unfortunately is flawed. Satan and the Powers of Hell reveal spiritual knowledge as we advance ourselves through meditation.

Given the experiences of many, it appears that the three granthis [knots where the chakra concerned has a powerful energy block that prevents the serpent from ascending] are not at the base, heart, and sixth chakras as popularly taught, but are at the second [sacral] chakra, the throat chakra, and the crown chakra. There have been many accounts of one’s heart chakra feeling a burning sensation; as the serpent cannot ascend any further due to a blocked throat chakra.

Now, if the heart chakra were blocked and contained one of the three granthis, the burning sensation would manifest in the solar chakra, not the heart. Going further, the sensation of the crawlies near the crown chakra strongly indicates that chakra is blocked. If it were the 6th chakra as most sources of information available inform us, the sensation would be at the throat or BENEATH the 6th chakra. From direct experience, it appears that seventh is the most difficult chakra to fully open. The sensation of the crawlies, compared by some to ants crawling, indicates that the serpentine energy is going *around* the seventh chakra and not *through* it as it should when this chakra has been fully opened. Other symptoms include pain and discomfort, especially when one’s serpentine energy is fully activated.


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