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Alfred WebreInterview with Alfred L.Webre, director of the Institute for Space Cooperation (ISC)

I am 67 years old. I was born on a naval base in Florida during the Second World War. I live in Vancouver. I am a Doctor of Laws and a judge in the Kuala Lumpur Court of Justice for war crimes, I am married, I have a son and two stepdaughters. We live in a universe of intelligent origin.

There is evidence that there are ethical civilizations more advanced than our own, who participate in our developmental process.

Give me evidence.

Declarations of The United States government employees who have testified their participation in secret programs of relations with certain extraterrestrial civilizations.

This means that we have already made contact with the extraterrestrials?

Yes, according to those witnesses, the United States government has been working with them secretly since the 1950s.


Andrew Basiago, son of a CIA official, was enrolled at the age of seven in a secret program for super-gifted children who were trained to be ambassadors before the extraterrestrial race.

Alfred Webre- Mars Is Inhabited Any contact?

There has been a meeting with 3 astronauts from the planet Mars. In January 2009, the CIA employee Virginia Olds confirmed that CIA knows there is a humanoid civilization living under the surface of Mars.


We think that in the year 9500 B.C. fragments of the Vela supernova entered the solar system and destroyed the ecology on Mars. The Martians, 1.500 years more ethically and technologically advanced than us humans, sheltered underground.

In December 2008 we published a report that included photos taken by the NASA robot Rover Spirit, in which one can identify certain species of humanoids, animals and structures on the martian surface. You can see it on

There are three astronauts who assert to have seen extraterrestrial life.

Yes, Buzz Aldrin who travelled aboard the Apollo XI said that when they arrived on the Moon in 1969, there were two large extraterrestrial ships around the great crater, his version was verified by high NASA officials.

I am amazed.

Doctor Steven Greer, director of the Disclosure Project, has gathered more than 500 testimonies from military, government and intelligence of high rank that are witness to the the extraterrestrial presence and they were made public in May 2009, in the National Press Club of Washington.

Mexico, Chile, Brazil and Peru have released their UFO records.

Recently so did France, Sweden and Denmark, and the United Kingdom that brought to light 7.200 UFO files compiled by D155, a secret unit of the Ministry of Defense.

Why not divulge the life on Mars?

Because of political reasons. We are going to insert a question invoking the freedom of information laws, so that NASA admits the intelligent life on Mars.

And the Martians, why don’t they appear in society?

Our planet is one of a low order and we assume it is under a quarantine that is imposed by the government of the universe.

And this quarantine ends now…

We think that the ethical extraterrestrial civilizations have used the UFO phenomenon to acclimatize us to their existence, and that between 2010 and 2020 we can start having open relationships with these civilizations.

So the first contact will occur with the Martians?

Yes, because there are many mutual benefits, they can give us technologies and knowledge, and we have a precious green planet they can migrate to.

How does the universe function?

There are many dimensions and universes that are parallel to our own. Some extraterrestrial civilizations come from other dimension, from other parallel universe, that is why the UFOs can appear and disappear.

How are these more evolved civilizations like?

Looks like we are living in an organized universe and the more ethical civilizations have achieved domination of the time dimension and it is them who will probably develop our reality.

…You make it sound terrible.

According to some theories we are evolving on a very accelerated pace, in order to abandon the economy of permanent war and to turn it into a sustainable economy. The human consciousness is developing to enter the universal age and to openly connect with those other civilizations.

…Could you lend us a hand.

There is a primary guideline: do not interfere in the evolution of a civilization from other planet. But in very little time, man will learn how to use the quantum teleportation and to extract energy from space. We are in a transitional era where we must decide if we choose destruction or evolution.

Does your work consist of studying the great government of the universe?

Exopolitics is a social science that studies the relationships between our human civilization and other intelligent civilizations in the universe. One of our first steps in the universal diplomacy will be through the Martian civilization.

I understand.

I personally work with doctor Norman Miranda, the cabinet chief of the president of UNO General Assembly, so that UNO will represent the Earth before the Martian civilization.

It is possible that this interview might cause you that much perplexity as in my case, but pay attention to the credentials of those who participated in the 2009 European Summit of Exopolitics – astronauts from NASA and the Russian Space Agency who assert there has been contact with the extraterrestrial civilizations – and to its organizer, Webre, exopolitics author (Vesica Piscis), Attorney General in the Environmental Protection Agency of New York and adviser of the Ford Foundation; ex-professor of Economy in Yale and the University of Texas; delegate in the 1996 democratic convention in Texas (Clinton-Gore). They speak of a Martian reality, if it were true: is there more than just them, at galactic scale?

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John Kennedy said:

Llfe has to exist elsewhere in the universe, it’d be an awful waste of space.
March 14, 2014

ralph galloway said:

lets move past the who did what for profit and the who lied or who should pay…lets just let the truth be known.We have a big task of changing a war like society that destroys the planet and people to one of gatherers of knowledge and a people of peace.The government is NOT planet Earth.The people,plants and animals are.
March 30, 2014

Tyler D said:

What confuses me is if NASA knows there’s life on Mars, then why are they wasting money “looking” for life forms on the rover missions? Is it too it just deter the public, or are there only a select few in NASA who know.
July 20, 2014

K s mohan said:

Cosmos getting opened for mankind as a whole. Still many people are ignorant on extraterrstial reality. Near future any contact with ET is going to shock and stun many people who live in their own shell. I am 64 (2014). I read lot of books about UFOs from the age of 20s first with scepticism. When i realised it is a global phenomenon, i realised the truth. It changed the my way of thinking and started looking in a broader perspective. K S MOHAN, BANGALORE, INDIA
October 22, 2014

Kirk johnson said:

I have witnessed unusual behaviour off the coast of Sydney Australia , Kiakora NZ . On a yacht voyage from Auckland NZ to Tonga erratic movements in night sky
Off Collaroy Plateau NSW Aust was with wife and encountered multiple objects moving in a round formation through a cloud layer , Yanderra NSW Aust my wife and family witnessed a low flying round object hovering over there house for 5min at night
I am convinced there has been contact and they are extremely selective on who they connect with
There technogy of deferring gravity into an energy must be a type of electrical force field they produce that neutralises gravity like they are in space
They have been on our planet before the ice age as their is evidence of civilisations underwater
Off Japan India middle America and on land around Egpt mexico
They are moving between galaxies colonising into other planets like ours ,just as curious of us as we are of them
We. Are still maturing as a planet but with Internet it has closed the gap for share intelligence to move quicker in space travel engineering and infinite energy of atomic matter to put humans on a universal level of space unlike we have never seen before opening new galaxies similar to ours with different air mass but similar life styles .
December 30, 2014

John Doe said:

I can assure that Mars civilization is all over the surface in the mid latitudes and southern hemisphere. I have seen them in the Mars Global Surveyor image library. Most of the 250,000 images are redacted but there is so much they can’t get them all. There is also standing water and probably plant life but the images are in BW.
March 19, 2015

David L said:

There is a civilization on Mars. It exists in massive caverns beneath the surface. There are large structures reaching just below the ceiling recycling the air and expelling the built up methane gas onto the surface twice a year. This gas is quickly broken up dissolves, leaving little trace. Either the Martians are human or I didn’t see any while I was there. The only odd thing I did witness besides the technology was one type of creature resembling a cross between a crab and a scorpion, I believe this is native to Mars. It exhibited some rudimentary intelligence as it blocked our way, from entering a certain area. I am left with no reason to believe their exists Any collusion between any govt on earth and this civilization., though I do have evidence that leads me to believe that people of Earth are transported there against their will, for what purpose, again I am not sure.
November 09, 2015