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The Truth About The Vatican And Satan

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The Truth About The Vatican And Satan

The Vatican was the spiritual seat of the Pagan Roman Empire and the head Temple of the head God of the ancient Pagan European religion. That is why the enemy took this over and corrupted it. However the name is the same from the Pagan period and this will reveal something important.

Vatican is from the Sanskrit title Vatikana the K is also spelled as C sometimes.

Vatikana means Means “The spirit of Krisna” it also means “Place or seat of the serpent” The Latin term Vaticanor means “prophesy, oracle teacher.” This is the same as Delphi the place of the serpent God Apollo. The place of the Pagan Priesthood. Where the famous oracle was.

Kana is the ancient name of Krisna and Krisna is a title of the ancient head God in Sanskrit.

In Sanskrit Krisna is also spelled Kristha, Kristos, Kristhanu.

“Kr to make high or set upon a high place,” Stha is stand. Kristha means “He who was made high” , or “He who was set upon a pillar”. Sthanu one of the names of god Shiva, means “The Cosmic Pillar.”

Nilima Chitgopeker says in her book, encountering Siva:

Siva is invoked as Sthanu i.e. the tree like Siva who is indivisible and first born and who experiences great extension of shade and is lofty and stand firm in the range of wood.”[1]

Shiva is shown as the cosmic pillar in Hinduism the linga of light.

Krisna is an ancient tile of Shiva. This is why historians on Hinduism such as Danielou had stated Krisna is Shiva who at some point got turned into a separate religious icon in a much later era.

The ancient form of Zeus was called Vel-Kana and was shown as the eternally young god of 16 years who was blue and played a flute had 12 cowherd companions and a consort Rodha. Which is Dionysus to the Greeks and Krisna to the Hindu but the most ancient form of Shiva to the Southern Indians. The Vel is the name of the spear Muruga the most ancient form of Shiva carries. The Vel is the symbol of Shiva. The god of the Yezidi’s whom the Yezidi’s call Satan but also Shiva and this God is shown as Muruga in their culture. Shiva is called Sata, Satan Shiva in Hinduism. Which means The Eternal God. The Yezidi’s stated they came from ancient India.

The reason the God is always shown as 16 in the east is west is 16 is the number of the digits of the full moon in Hinduism. Shiva is the moon god and the moon is the symbol of the serpent to the ancient world. The Soma meaning moon chakra is given 16 petals in Hinduism.

The Vaticana, Vatikana means the Dwelling Place Of The Spirit Of Lord Shiva. Something else that was proven here is the name Jesus is a corruption of Yeshva which theologians know. However this Yeshva was stolen and corrupted form Shivaya the name of Shiva. This is also where Yeshiva of the Jews was stolen from Shivaya.

Shiva is also called in Hinduism SHIVA-ARYA. Which means The Aryan Shiva, The Aryan God Shiva. The God Shiva was also called “The White God”[2] by the ancient Hindu’s. The ancient seat of Shiva worship was and still is the Himalaya’s with mount Kailash which was the center of the ancient Aryan Empire in the east. And the Yezidi’s who are called “The blond blood line” migrated out of this region.

Christianity Mankind’s First Worldwide Religion-Matlock[1]
Shiva and Dionysus, Danielou[2]
The Serpent, Eagle, Lion And Disc, Parker


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Hand of God In Kabala Stolen From The East

The very popular Hamsa amulet in the Jewish Kabala that celebrities into the Kabala like Madonna have made famous:


The Hamsa:


This amulet was stolen out of the ancient East its used in Hinduism and later Buddhism when it was created. There is a lot of nonsense claiming what this is in kabala.

In Hinduism the most important mantra of Kundalini Yoga is that of Shiva and Shakti which is the Ham (Shiva) and SA (Shakti) mantra. This is used as part of a prana Kriya to open the centers in the brain. However in Kabala the symbol of the open hand is the crown chakra and the all seeing eye is the pineal gland or as they call this the Eye of God. The full and proper spelling of this mantra in the ancient Hindu texts is Haum Saum. Haum is the bija mantra of Shiva and placed in the crown as mentioned in the previous article on this subject. And Saum is the bija mantra of Soma the moon deity the sixth chakra. The five fingers of the Hamsa hand in Hinduism and Buddhism represent the five elements which come together in the Third Eye.

This amulet stolen from ancient Hinduism is the formula for opening the crown chakra and third eye and how they interconnect. And its the name of Shiva and Shakti. Its not even Hebrew. Its Sanskrit.

What else is stolen from Hinduism in Kabala:

In Kabala they call the highest God the Ayin which is the 16th letter in Hebrew and means “Eye”. And in Kabala is simply the term for the All Seeing Eye. In Kabala it states when Yahweh states his name is: “I’ am what I am.” This is Kabbalistic: Ayin, Yahweh is AYIN. Ayin is the “Eye of God” and the pineal gland in Kabala.

This is also stolen from Hinduism from Ain which is the bija mantra of the Goddess Saraswati. Its Ain not Aim it has the symbol of the nasal N sound not the M in Sanskrit. The AIN mantra is given for the Sri Yantra which is the yantra of the Moon Chakra the All Seeing Eye. The AYIN the Y is a double letter with I in Kabala so its redundant. The number of 130 for the full spelling for Ayin is based on five times twenty six. The Five elements and the number of their “god” that of twenty six.

In Kabala which is the pure understanding of the Torah and Judaism they state their “god” is simply the energy of the letters and the All Seeing Eye. The chakra point in the head. Which is a concept they stole from the ancient religions such as Hinduism and Egypt. The head God of Egypt: Osiris was called “The Eye” the Ayin. This is the Eye of Shiva in the east.


Wisdom of the Hebrew Alphabet, Rabbi Munk
The Encyclopedia of Jewish Myth, Magic and Mysticism, Dennis
Soma in Yoga and Ayurveda: The Power of Rejuvenation and Immortality: David Dr. Frawley


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More Stolen From The East: “God” Created Scam

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More Stolen From The East: “God” Created Scam

The Kabala is the true Torah as the Jews state.
As the kabala states:

” With the letter Hei, he [god] created the world.”

“The sound of Hei is a mere exhalation of breath, Hei; it requires little effort, no movement of lip, tongue or mouth…. As the Psalmists testifies by the word of Hashem the heavens were made and by the breath of his mouth all their hosts (Psalms 33:6)”[1]

This text also shows the letter Hei is symbolized by the Kohen blessing the Rabbi’s do over the heads of the congregation. The proper way of doing such as shown in this book is also seen on Jewish art:

This is in the far east as the mundra for the crown chakra. In Sanskrit there are three main categories of letters that of Vowels, Breath Sounds and Consonants. The H is listed as a breath letter as its just that. This is where the Jews stole this from.

In the far east in India and Tibet the H letter is placed in the CROWN CHAKRA. Hei is also spelled in Hebrew as HA which the letter HA is placed in the crown in the far east.

Shiva’s sacred abode in Hinduism is placed within the crown which connects to the pineal gland the two are related to as having a connection to the Soma or Moon.

Is Hei/Ha, really the letter of Yahweh? No they stole this as well.

The letter H is ruled by the God Shiva as the universal Godhead in the east:

“The letter H represents Shiva in his aspect as the ultimate principal Beyond the creation beyond all that which can be defined, I am H, the supreme witness and the sum of all mercy. … Nandikeshvara Kashika 27.” [2]

The letter H in kabala represents the five elements as it does in Hinduism. H is the letter that represents ether the element of spirit which is sound and ether which all the elements are formed of and energetic arrangements of. The entire alphabet is shown in the crown chakra in Hinduism and in Kabala where it was stolen from the east to symbolize this fact.

The world is symbolic of the body in Hinduism which is created of the five elements. Same in Kabala. This is not some god on a cloud somewhere creating the physical planet. The “god” of the Jews didn’t create anything not this world, nothing. Its all stolen and corrupted spiritual knowledge from the Pagan Gentiles.

[1]The Wisdom In The Hebrew Alphabet, Rabbi Michael L.Munk
[2] While The Gods Play, Alain Danielou


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Satan Uncensored

As stated Satan is Shiva in the east. Shiva’s full title is Satana Shiva which means THE ETERNAL GOD. And the Yezidi’s who still call their God, Satan and stated they came from ancient India also call their God, A SHIVA. And show their God in the image of the earliest image of Shiva in Southern India. The enemy claims Satanism is about death and destruction but they are lying. And as the absolute proof of this how is Satan viewed in the east.

“Shiva is the great lord of immortality in Yoga. Shiva as Rudra is the Divine doctor, the foremost of all physicians in the Rigveda. Shiva is also the Vedic deity of healing touch and binging the power of healing into one’s hands.

Shiva has a special form as Mrityunjaya or he who conquers death. This occurs through this connection to Soma.Shiva is connected to the Moon and worshipped on Mondays. For this is the famous Shiva Mrityunjaya Mantra. Shiva s the lord of bliss and Soma is also called Sundareshvara, the lord of beauty, and Kameshvara, the lord of love.”[1]

The grail cup is also connected to Shiva its the cup of the Moon nectar of Soma that is drunk to give one eternal life. The mouth is allegorical for the mouth of the sushumna nadi in which this energy flows into and transforms the soul. And is the key to Kundalini Yoga. The Shiva linga is the symbol of the third eye and pineal gland. And reborn soul.[2]

The Yezidi’s state that Satan created humanity and that Satan then taught them the knowledge of the light body ascension. The Hindu’s state the same. In the first Sangha in the golden age that Shiva lived on earth with the other Deva’s and taught humanity how to ascended thought kundalini Yoga. What is evil about this……..NOTHING. What is evil is trying to stop people from achieving this which is what the enemy program of Yahweh is all about.

Satan and our Gods want us to live in a spiritualized utopian world and have been fighting for us the whole time.

[1]Soma In Yoga And Ayurveda, David Frawley
[2] Kundalini Tantra, Swami Satyananda Saraswati


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For those of us who are very close to Father Satan, we are all well aware that he is fed up with all of the Judeo/Christian claims and statements concerning what Satanism is about, how we celebrate and worst of all WHAT THEY CLAIM HE IS ALL ABOUT.



For many of us, Halloween is a favorite holiday. I, myself love horror movies and such. The point here is how these have been twisted to portray a false and insulting image of Satan and the Original Gods (Now labeled as “Demons”).

Ask yourself how you would feel if people put on hideous masks and went out as either you or a family member of yours or a loved one.

Father Satan should be respected on this date, not mocked by those who believe in and honor whatever Christianity dictates he is. How long do you think someone would last going out dressed as the Nazarene? Chances are, they would be attacked by some fundie Christian.
Or, if Hollywood was to produce a movie depicting the nazarene and his ilk as hideous monsters.

Halloween is a great time for costumes, monsters and ghouls, images of death and such. A time to be creative and indulge. It is one of our major holidays, but the negative images denigrating Father have to go.
He is tired of it and has let the clergy know he does not approve of these insults. For far too long, too many Satanists have gone along with the CHRISTIAN ideas of Satan and his Demons; what the CHRISTIANS allege them to be and what THEY claim our religion is all about, instead of seeing Satan for WHO HE REALLY IS without all of the Christian false and twisted overtones.

The holiday known as “Halloween” was originally called “Samhain” a Celtic word meaning “Summer’s End.” In ancient times, religions were based upon nature, where humanity lived in tune with the earth, the change of seasons and the changes in the stars in the sky. This is the essence of Satanism; what is natural.

The major cycles of the year and the crops were important times for festivities, rites, and celebrations. Samhain was a time of harvest and the end of a year, a time of preparation; storing crops and preparing for the dead of winter. The eve of November 1st was the eve of the Celtic New Year. This holiday was a time of harvest, a time of endings, death, and dying, as plant life died and the cold set in. Samhain was also a time of honoring the dead. The Druids built huge bonfires, which they considered sacred, in honor of the Celtic New Year.

There was a prevailing belief in the existence of a Celtic God of the dead known as ‘Samhain”. With extensive research and study accomplished by many scholars, nearly all agree this God was non-existent.
Nearly all of the sources mentioning a deity of death known as “Samhain” are CHRISTIAN and they have (as usual) NO legitimate references to back up their claims.

Samhain was celebrated for centuries before the Christian takeover of Pagan holidays. To the intruding Christian religion, any Gods of the old faith were considered “evil” and therefore especially unwelcome at a time of “danger” for the “soul of any good parishioner.” This was why Christians suppressed the deadly rite and replaced it a day later with ‘all soul’s day.'”

Trick or treating originated in Ireland as beggars went door to door on October 31st, asking for handouts. The gifts were for “Muck Olla” a God who was said to destroy the house of anyone who was not generous. Jack-O-Lanterns also had their origin in Ireland; named for a man named “Jack.” The story goes that Jack was a miser and when he died, he was not allowed into heaven and he also played jokes on the Devil, so he was not admitted into Hell either, but was doomed to walk the Earth forever. He only had a litle lantern to light his way and this is why he came to be called Jack-O-Lantern. Of course, the spooks, vampires and ghouls were associated with this holiday because of the natural human fear of death and Samhain was a holiday of death.



© Copyright 2004, 2005, Joy of Satan Ministries;
Library of Congress Number: 12-16457



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The Devil is Wodan And The Grail is Pagan

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The ancient Aryan world existed from Ireland to though central Asia to India. Its no mistake the Indo-Aryans all spoke the same language of Sanskrit and had the same culture. The hair braid style found on the White Mummies in China is only found on this earth today in Denmark as part of the culture. From Northern Europe to Greece to India the central god is commonly referred to as the Horned God. Which later become the symbol of the Devil.

Sanskrit was originally a runic cuneiform script it was later changed to Brahmi script and then the current Urdu of today with the Moghul Empire. The runic scripts survived in the European runes. The different runes are names of Vedic Aryan deities as well as the same deities in Aryan Egypt. Kaun is the ancient spelling of Krisna, Is “Lord” in the Veda’s, and Isis in Egypt. Aos, Osiris in Egypt, Geb, the name of the earth God in Egypt, Ura is Uraesus which is Ura..Deus, the God Ura the second rune. Because the letter are deities in the mysteries. We note this openly with the Thor and Tyr runes, two Gods.

Note Aos the fourth rune of Wodan means Sacred Tree and serpent. Aos is the name of the serpent God. And Aos means God in the runes. Wodan. The meaning of Osiris is Sacred Tree. Osiris is Ptah in the later theology in Egypt as is well known. The fourth rune Aos is a literal name of Osiris in Egypt. Aos is the runic name of Wodan.

In northern Europe Wodan on all the sacred artifacts is always showed as the horned God. The Gundestrup Cauldron found in Denmark. It shows Wodan as the central horned figure sitting holding the horned serpent and ring and surrounded by different shamanic animals. The other scenes relate to the rebirth of the soul a warrior being thrown into the cauldron by a man with what appears to be a serpent headdress and later horse seated warriors being lead by a serpent. The symbol of the victorious warriors ride thought the underworld to rebirth. The horse is the spine in myth. The serpent is Wodan.


Note on this image the shape of the crown of the Horned God, is the open thousand petal lotus in the east. Its shown the same way:


In ancient Vedic India we have Lord Pashupati who is the ancient form of Shiva sitting as the horned God surrounded by seven main sacred animals. These seven animals in Vedic world are the symbols of the seven chakra’s that the horned God is the master of. As the Lord of Yogi. In Sumer the Seven main Gods are shown standing atop and riding seven totem animals. The head God of Sumer Enki is shown always as the horned God. The Aryan Sumerian’s had exact same culture the Europeans did as fellow Aryans. In Sumer Enki was shown as the serpent and also called Satana. Which is why the Aryan Yedizi’s who’s calendar is seven thousand years old and stated they came from India and were part of Sumeria. Still call their God, Shaitan, Satan.

Wodan is called Hari-gast. Hari is a name of Shiva in the east and the source of the word Ari, Arya. Hari means HA meaning The. The Ari. The Arya.


Odin is the holder of the Odherir Cauldron of which He turns Himself into a serpent to drink dry. This like on the Gundestrup artifact which is the symbol of the Odherir Cauldron is showing the serpent as the symbol of the reborn soul. This Odherir Cauldron is also shown as Wodin’s Horn of Mead. The reason is the horn is the symbol of the tailbone. In the east Shiva, Pashupati is shown with the Kunda which is the sacred water pot always sitting next to Him. The tailbone is called the Kunda in Sanskrit. This kunda holds the water of life of which Enki rules in Sumer. The Horns are the symbol of the risen serpent. The trident of Shiva the serpent wand, has the bull horns on the top showing the two serpents coming together at the top. Enki is crowned with bull horns and He is the serpent God.


In the Edda’s and Saga’s the original divine couple are Woden and Freya, Frigga is actually Freya in the Myths. Freya simply means “The Lady”. Woden descends into the realm of Hel and marries the Goddess of Hel who lives in a sacred cave. The Sacred cave is the symbol of the Kunda in the east and west the dwelling of the root chakra were the serpent energy lays coiled. Odin sings the rune mantra’s and pleases the Hel Goddess who then gives him the drink of the mead from the horn, the tail bone. Odin is transformed into an immortal and in some cases turns into a eagle carrying a serpent to ascend to Valhalla. The symbol is still in the east. Its the serpent being lifted to the crown.

There is another tale of Odin having the sacred marriage with Freya who gives Him the cup of mead to drink and turns Him into the immortal one. Freya the Goddess is shown as having the form of a Hag and beautiful maiden. She shows her beauty form upon appearing to marry the God hero, she appears here holding the sacred mead cup. This is the tale of Perceval and Kundry in the Grail mythos. Kundry is also Kund in German the Kunda. Which is known as Kunda and Kundalini in Sanskrit. The name of the serpent Goddess in the east and west, The Lady. As She is even called in the east.

The symbol of the sacred marriage between Odin and Freya is the golden ring the symbol of infinity, gold is the metal of immortality its the ouroboros symbol the perfected soul. The Pagans would swear all their oaths on our Gods, they did this many times on the Golden Ring. They were swearing their oath upon the serpent which is the symbol of the High God, Wodan.

Another name of the World Tree [the spine] is Mimir’s Tree. The tree is kept young and alive eternally by the water of Mimir’s Well which waters it daily. This is the all revealing part. Odin after drinking from Mimir’s well under goes nine nights of trial on the World Tree. For which He gives nine rune chants to over come each night. He emerges reborn a metamorphosed divine being. The nine nights are the nine worlds or chakra’s the serpent energy pierces thought to reach the crown. The runic chants are the sacred formula’s to pass the flow thought each chakra to the crown to be reborn. This is seen in the east, Greece and Egypt as well.

The sacred marriage of the Mead between Odin and Freya is the symbol of the alchemical inner sexual union of the soul by raising the serpent to the crown. The Mead is called Madhu in Sanskrit which means Honey its the actual name of the Soma. Its honey wine as the Norse, Germanic Mead is. Mjaðar in the old Norse. The Soma is the nectar of immortality which in the Veda’s is released thought all of the chakra’s and nadi’s upon the serpent reaching and opening the crown chakra. The union of heaven and earth the God and Goddess. Taking one to Immortality.

The symbol of drinking in the Vedic world is in their Yogic texts is the moving the prana up the spine from the root to activate and bring the kundalini to the crown. Its the core of the techniques of pranayama and other methods.

Wodan breaths the breath of life into the first people Ash and Elmba. This is the symbol of the energies of the serpentine centers and prana flowing thought the nadis and body. Which the breath is connected to. The symbol is Wodan is the soul and the breath of life. Breath is symbolic of spirit.

Woden’s name also means spirit, the element of spirit is the symbol of Prana which is always shown as the serpent in the Vedic world as the western. The element of spirit is also sound which is light. Woden is called Mercury openly by the Roman’s and one of Shiva’s original titles is Wodan in the east. Because Wodan is their name of Mercury as well as Buddha the two are interchangeable. That is why in Sri Lanka Wodan is what they call Buddha. Shiva is also called Mercury in the Hindu alchemical texts as its Mercury which transforms the elements to gold. Shiva is openly called Wodan in the east. In Europe Wodan was also called Budh, Budha, Buddha. Buddha is Sanskrit for Mercury as is Wodan.

This is why runes are carved into wood, wood rules the element of spirit. They are to be vibrated into the soul to transform the soul. Galdr means not just to sing or vibrate runes but also shining. The runes take one to the shining state. Rune means mystery, its the knowledge of how to raise the serpent and transform the soul. Which come from Wodan the serpent. The core of the word Rune, Ru is the symbol of the spoken word creating the new soul in Aryan Egypt. Where Ptah the Creator God was called Buddha [Wodan] in the east Buddha is translated and spoken as Pootah, Ptha as well. Shiva-Wodan of the east shares the same qualities of Ptah. Ptah is the serpent creator and the serpent is also called Buto, Wuto in Egypt . Enki the serpent God of Sumeria is known to be Ptah in Egypt. And further east becomes Shiva-Wodan. Ptah is also called Pan in Egypt and is shown as the later Greek Pan. Pan is another ancient form of the same God. He was shown as the black goat just as Dionysus was. Later they became separated or the writings we have left claim such.

The Devil is shown with horns, wearing animal skins adorned with Serpents, being blue or red in color and carrying the trident or spear. And dwelling on mountain tops and in the sacred groves. This to this day is the ancient symbol of Shiva and Dionysus who is Shiva further west. Dionysus was called Savas and Shiva was called Shiavas. The tales of the two Gods are the same in everyway. The Greeks stated they came from the east. And openly called Shiva, Dionysus when in the east. Dionysus was shown as being red as was Shiva sometimes the color of the rising sun. The reborn soul. Wodan was shown as being blue as Shiva as well as Dionysus as well. The blue paint the bear shirts the warriors of Wodan painted themselves was called Wod. Wod is another name of Wodan. The color of spirit purified by serpent fire.

In the Greek mysteries the Hero is flung into the Cauldron and boiled till the Titanic elements raises to the top and is removed. They then remerge reborn as a shining Olympian. In the Germanic, Norse anyone who is bathed in the Well emerges a Shining one, reborn.

The Shiva tantra’s state that Shiva is the fire of the serpent energy and the breath or pranayama and the element of spirit.

In the east they state the elements are turned to gold by the “fires of the Kundalini” so we see this Mercury is really the serpent energy which is called Wodan east and west. This is why all the Pagan rites of Wodan revolved on the single concept of mystical death and literal rebirth. So much so Snorri removed all mention of this in his Christened writing. It was too dangerous to the Church.

Wodan is the serpent energy that transforms the elements of the soul by fire into their one aspect which is Spirit which is eternal. The name of spirit is Wodan. And the name of the serpent that transforms into spirit is Wodan. Because the serpent is the symbol of the reborn soul because its spirit.

They would wrap a golden serpent around the tree in the sacred grove to honor Wodan. This is the symbol of immortality in the Pagan world.

Shiva, Woden was Zeus to the Greeks, mainly in the form of Dionysus the primordial form of Zeus. The bible calls the Throne of Zeus the Throne of Satan in Pergamum was the Temple of the Throne of Zeus, the Nazi’s brought this to Germany and gave it honors. From revelations:

“To the angel of the church in Pergamum write: ‘I know your works, and where you dwell… where Satan’s throne is. And you hold fast to my name, and did not deny my faith even in the days in which Antipas was my faithful martyr, who was killed among you, where Satan dwells.'” Revelation 2:12

The Christians also call Wodan openly the Devil in their writings. There are many Christian tales of Wodan appearing as a man and making pacts, offering knowledge of the occult and tricking Christians into blasphemes against the Christian sacraments. Wodan is the center figure all the tales of the Devil roaming the earth appearing before Kings, educated men and normal people and making oaths and pacts come from. He is the Mephistopheles of Faust. This is were the concept of worshipping the Devil to obtain magical powers comes from. The Devil is the serpent in symbolism in Christianity. The worship of the serpent in the Pagan world is the practise of activating the Kundalini and developing Siddhi’s from this. Wodan is the serpent God. And was the name of the this energy to our ancestors east to west. Devil is a Sanskrit word for the serpent as well. A Devil worshiper is literally a serpent worshipper. This is what the Christians meant literally by calling Pagan’s Devil worshippers. Serpent worshippers. Wodan is the serpent.

In some versions of the Grail Mythos Percival is only able to obtain the Grail after avoiding all Churches, consecrated grounds and Christian rites or holy days. Only by dwelling in the Forrest and then making a pact with Lucifer, the Devil, then the Hero is then able to obtain the grail.

Shiva and Dionysus Gods of Love and Ecstasy, Danielou
Maiden with the Mead – A Goddess of Initiation Rituals in Old Norse Myths, Maria Kvilhaug
The Mystery of the Grail, Evola
The Serpent Grail, Gardiner and Osborn
Shiva Lord of Yoga, Frawley
Hidden Horizons Unearthing Ten Thousand Year of Vedic Culture, Frawley
The Sons of God, Acharya S
Starwalkers, William Henry
The Realm of the Ring Lord, Gardner





This post is for new people. There is NOTHING Christian about “Christmas.” As with everything else in the Christian program, spiritual concepts were hijacked, corrupted and transformed into fictitious jewish characters, places and other related kosher crap for Gentiles to slavishly worship and above all, to create a powerful subliminal link to where Gentile spiritual energies are under the control of the jews who are on top and know the truth about this; Gentile spiritual energies and even life force is channeled into promoting jewish monetary wealth, jewish success and jewish prosperity. Here is more information concerning the Yule Season. If you are new to Satanism, please read. Wishing a Very Happy Yule Season to Everyone here.

There is a true and a false with nearly everything and one can see the glaring lie of Christianity in that everything in that foul program is and has been stolen from the original religions, and replaced with imposter characters, places, and rites where nothing spiritual is left. Another example is how fundamentalist Christians have been working to destroy the last Pagan/Satanic practices of the Yule Season and Winter Solstice, such as removing Santa Claus, the Yule tree, and other evidence that reveals the true origins of the Yule and replace them solely with the nazarene and ilk. For more information and research, type in Jehovah’s Witnesses into any internet search engine such as and add ‘Pagan holidays.’ The information about this is extensive and proves beyond any doubt that these holidays have NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO WITH CHRISTIANITY.

The fictitious nazarene has nothing to do with xmas. Xmas coincides with the Winter Solstice and the Yule season, the shortest day of the year. December 25th is the birth date of the Persian God Mithra, and the Roman Holiday of Saturnalias. The tree, the decorations, baking, gifts and celebrating have NOTHING to do with the nazarene. These are carry-overs from original Pagan celebrations. The Yule tree is really symbolic of the human soul, with the trunk being representative of the spine, the branches, the 144,000 nadis [pathways of the vril/witchpower/chi], and the lights being symbolic of the nadis all lit up with Satan’s Serpentine Energy. The star on top of the tree is representative of the risen Serpent of Satan.


December 22nd-23rd

Although the Solstice begins on the 21st-22nd of December, the 23rd is a very special Personal Day for Father. The Sun enters the sign of the Goat which represents Satan. The Night of December 22nd- the eve of December 23rd is the Highest Satanic Holy Night of the year. (This was dictated from him personally). It is the day after the longest night of the year. Again we look forward to beginnings, as the days will begin to get longer as the year goes on. This is a time for intense celebration and devotion to Lord Satan. Indulgence, decorating the home, family celebrations and get-togethers. The Night of Dec. 22nd should be spent in dedication to Satan. This is an excellent time to focus on planning for the year. If one wishes to make personal resolutions this is a good time to do so.

The Yule holidays for Satanists are times of indulgence and taking pleasure in the physical and material aspects of life. Actually, xmas trees and wreaths are Pagan in origin, so there is no reason not to celebrate this holiday with our families. Gift giving, baking, decorating. This is what the TRUE Yule season is about, not that filthy worthless nazarene.

The Yule Season

The Yule season is a season of enjoyment, indulgence and feasting.



Gift giving


Building snowmen and winter sports in places where there is snow

Tree decorating

Blue lights in honor of Lucifer


Santa Claus for the kids

Shopping and more.

The Nazarene as you can see has no place in the Yule season. December 25th is actually the Persian deity Mithras’s birthday, for one. The Yule was stolen from the Pagans and incorporated into the Christian religion as Xmas. Pagan peoples were celebrating the Yule long before the false program of Christianity forced itself onto the scene. We need to take back our holiday!!

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Who is Satan?


The Ancient Sumerian’s worshipped the creator of Humanity as Enki who they stated created the race of Adamu [meaning humanity] and into their blood Enki put the secrets of the blood of the Gods. And in doing such Enki created the new race with a special spiritual purpose, to ascend and become shining ones [God means shining one in the ancient language]. The Creator God, Enki was also called Satana by the ancient Sumerian’s. This is why the Yezidi People who live in north Iraq, still worship their God as Satan. The Yezidi people stated in their own records they were part of ancient Sumeria and Babylon and are the first humans. The Yezidi’s state before being in Sumeria they migrated out of ancient India. You can still see their religion in Hinduism in India. In Hinduism the highest name of God, the saviour God is SATANAMA this is Satana….ma. This is the most sacred mantra in Kundalini [serpent] yoga the science of true spirituality and liberation.

Satanama is the highest mantra in the original Yoga and is made to transform one into the light body. It means SA birth, TA, life, NA transformation, MA rebirth. However if one pays attention they will note Satana to the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Roman’s who came out of India from their own texts. Call Satana, the name SATANAS.

SA is birth and rebirth is still birth. SA birth, TA, life, NA, transformation, S, rebirth. The name of Enki, SATANAS is literally the mantra of the light body, the serpent energy. In ancient Sanskrit the sacred langue of Hinduism, SATANAS is the mantra of the elements of the soul and their transmutation into light.

The name of the ancient religion was SATya, which is Sata ya. Which is named after Sata…na. And holds the same meaning: Eternal Truth.

The Yezidi and other surviving ancient cultures such as the Mandean’s state that Enki, Satana created humanity not in the near east but in the far east. In the garden Paradise of Sri Lanka and that Satana came down from Adam’s peak and taught the race of Adamu the sacred spiritual knowledge of liberation, ascension to the light body. The Hindu’s state that Sanata created the Adimu and Eva in the sacred Garden of Sri Lanka in the golden age. When Sri Lanka was part of a larger continent called Kumara Kandam, The Land Of Immortal Serpents, in the first Sangha. When Satana and the other Gods lived physically on earth and had a civilization here. It was in the first Sangha they taught humanity the science of the light body ascension.

The Shivanolipatha Malai, the most sacred mountain in Sri Lanka is still called Adam’s Peak by those in the Near East in ancient memory that this was the mountain Satana descended from to teach mankind the light of the soul. Satana is still worshipped by the Sri Lankan’s as Sanata/Murugan. The Visnu Purana’s stated Sanata is the original God all cultural images of Hindu leader Gods go back to, including Krisna.


Satan is still worshipped in Hinduism as Sanat, note the Peacock and Serpent of Sanat are the sacred symbols of the Yezidi’s, Satan. And the Yezidi’s came from India from ancient Hinduism. The Satya.

If we look to ancient Sumeria which was part of a much larger culture that migrated out of the ancient east. We find something important. Satana, Enki was shown as a serpent, called the Serpent of Fire, around a tree. He is shown instructing Adamu and Eva in the knowledge of ascension. Sometimes He is shown as a physical man carrying the Waters of Life. As Enki is the God of the Waters of Life in ancient Sumeria. However water is symbolic in the spiritual texts of the ancients for spiritual fire. The Waters of Life is the fire of life. The Serpent of Fire. For it is by fire all life is made perfected and reborn in eternal life. As the ancients stated.

The Garden of Edin is symbolic its originally Mount Meru in the east the four rives running into it with the sacred tree at the center, the spine. The tree has a man on one side and a women on the other. The male and female half of the soul and body which meet at the sushuma the center channel in the spine. Edin means Abode of the Gods. Here Gods are simply allegory for the Charka’s which reside in the garden, meaning the soul.

In Hinduism in the east there are images of a women sitting under a tree holding an apple with a serpent in the tree. The apple represents the symbol of Akasa which is the spiritual god the divine element. The message is the Shakti energy, the serpent transforms the soul. The union with Adamu and Eva with the apple is the union which transmutes spirit and matter the body and soul into the light body. This is when they realize they are naked. To be naked in Hinduism means Kechari to be sky clad, literally. This is the symbol of the rebirth into the ascended state in Hinduism and ancient Sumeria, Egypt and elsewhere. This naked state of Adamu and Eva was called Aurum in the ancient texts meaning “Shining light.” Spiritual rebirth.

Enki is also spelled ANKI in Sumerian which becomes Ankh to the Egyptians. The Ankh, Anki is the symbol of immortal life, the light body. Anki, Satana is the God of Life, the God of Light. Which humanity is supposed to have.

Later when Juadism was created it stole the spiritual cultural texts of the Sumerian’s [they even stated Abraham came from Sumeria] and corrupted them and into this poured the lie that humans are cattle slaves of a new god, Yahweh and that the ultimate sin the human could reach for was the light body, true freedom. Yahweh openly states in panic if Adamu and Eva eat from this tree they will become Gods, Shining Ones and he will not be able to make them cattle slaves. They will have true eternal freedom.

This becomes obvious again in the story of the Tower of Babel. Babel in the ancient near east is the name BAB the serpent goddess and El, shining one. Babel is the shining serpent. Its also called the Serpent or Fish tower. The spine. The tower the ancient peoples were building is the raising of the kudanlini serpent up the spine to enlightenment. Then enter Yahweh who with a council of other beings openly panic’s and repeats the exact same statements it made in the Garden of Edin. If humanity finishes that Tower they will become Gods, Shining Ones and he will not be able to make them cattle slaves. Then Yahweh openly attacks humanity and destroys spiritual knowledge to remove spiritual power from humanity. To make humanity his cattle slaves. Which is what Judaism, Christianity and Islam are all about doing. The Jewish Torah the blue Print of Christianity and Islam. Orders the extermination of all the Pagan nations, the extermination of their cultures and the slave subjectification of them to the yoke of Yahweh and the claimed Chosen People. Referring to non Hebrew humanity as literal excrement and animals of the field, cattle put here to be ruled over by the People of Yahweh with a rod of iron in a Hebrew dictatorship of mass murder, enslavement and rape. This book the Torah even sanctifies ritual child murder and cannibalism, just check the story of Jephthah: … ifice.html

The most sacred ritual of the Christian is gathering around a ritually murdered human on a gallows and then drinking his blood and eating his flesh while chanting they are domesticated slave animals [sheep] of Yahweh, what do you do with sheep? the same thing you do with cattle, slaughter them, work them and herd them. This ideal is from Judaism which uses human and animal ritual murder to appease Yahweh.

Satana [its also spelled Satana not Satan in Hebrew] means Enemy of the Jewish People in Hebrew. And in the proxy death cults of Judaism which equal Jewish control, that of Christianity and Islam. Satana by the confessions of the very people who brand him evil in their Torah…… Literally Satana is the enemy of injustice, ritual child murder and cannibalism, enslaving humanity, extermination of human beings and animals and all forms of filth in the book of evil the Torah, Bible and Koran. It was not Satana who orders people to murder all people who will not worship him. It was Yahweh in the Torah, Bible and Koran. The Jews called the Gentiles the non-Jewish People the literal blood children of Satana in their Talmud and Torah and state we are to be physically exterminated and enslaved.

The God Satana is Father and Friend of Humanity, His very name means “Saviour.” Standing with Satana is standing with life, truth and the eternal way.

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